Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Constructive Criticism of Constructive Concerns

Back in April of 1977, President Lewis W. Bluemle, M.D., announced a new program at the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center: "Constructive Concerns" was intended to allow employees an "opportunity to receive answers to questions about institutional activities as well as to make suggestions about Center operations."

In a memo to all staff (below), Bluemle noted that the blank forms "will be sent to all department and division offices and will be available in Personnel, Payroll, University Relations, Hospital Administration and Physical Plant offices."

Well, it took only seven days for the colorful Charles T. Dotter, M.D., to submit his candid comment on "Constructive Concerns":

"Sen. Joe McCarthy did something quite like this in the State Department back in the 50s--he, too, considered it constructive. (It could have been but wasn't). CTD"

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