Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brooke Drug Co., Importers of Perfumes

Looking for a faculty photo in the Historical Image Collection, I flipped past this turn-of-the-century shot of University of Oregon Medical School graduate Francis Wesley Brooke, M.D., outside his pharmacy. Typed onto a card pasted to the back of the photo is this information:
Dr. F.W. Brooke standing in front of his combination drug store at 67 No. 3rd Street, Portland, Oreg. about 1902. Dr. F.W. Brooke, graduate of Oregon Medical School started practicing medicine in and around Portland 1896 until the early 20ies when he had a stroke. His medical office was in back of his drug store, which was operated by Mr. the right of the scale. In the start of his practice, Dr. Brooke was associated with A.W. Moore.
We don't know much else about F.W. Brooke, who graduated from UOMS in the class of 1896. There were several women in that year's group of twenty-two; the complete roster included:
Ainslie, George F.
Biersdorf, Herman R.
Brooke, Francis Wesley
Brown, Ella Pringle (Mrs.)
Clinch, J.H.M.
Davis, Jessie Fremont (Mrs. Martin Brooks)
Dedman, Henry A.
Dempsey, Lillian
Dittenhoefer, Tillie (Mrs.)
Faull, C.W.
Giesy, B.F.
Hartley, Olive Muir
Johnson, Mary P. (Mrs.)
Low, O.P.
Manley, J.M.
Marks, Thomas I.
Miracle, W.T.
Parker, William Lockwood
Reed, Elizabeth
Reid, Alexander
Rossiter, Albert J.
Witham, Albert Arthur
It's interesting to note that no 1896 graduates of the Willamette University Medical Department are identified in the 1951 alumni directory. Not quite a decade after the 1887 split, UOMS was definitely churning out more physicians than WUMD.

Side note: A web search brings up this Flickr image of a calendar issued by the Brooke Drug Company in 1905.

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