Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And the hits keeping on comin'

Dr. Charles M. Grossman, MD, today continued his near-weekly visits to the History of Medicine Room to deposit his papers--or, those he deems worthy of saving for posterity but not worthy of hanging on to for a future article or other personal project (and he has many lined up).

Among the delights delivered today is a draft version of his article "The American 'Invasion' of North Korea, Year 2000", which begins (in characteristic Grossman style):
Startling? Yes, of course. Newsworthy? Extremely so, some of us thought, but not the American press. Useful? Very definitely so, since the eleven vehicles and sixty Americans were not armed and had been invited by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Mission accomplished? Yes, but unfortunately without the necessary follow up. Please consult the Korean desk of the Department of State for more details...."
Grossman also brought in a folder of records pertaining to the National Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers (later called United Neighborhood Centers of America), dating from his tenure on the national board in 1967-1970. As chair of the Linnton Community Center here in Portland, Grossman represented Pacific Northwest ideas on community outreach, but felt a bit small-time in comparison with institutions like Chicago's Hull House. The donated materials include meeting minutes, correspondence, newsletters, and a copy of the group's Social Policy Platform, marked up with Grossman's manuscript revisions from 1970.

We also received slides from a talk on cancer incidence among Hanford Downwinders, delivered by Grossman at a Beijing conference.

Since Dr. Grossman began donating items to HC&A in July 2008, we have compiled a 37-page inventory of the as-yet unprocessed collection. I think we all recognize this as the tip of a rather large iceberg....

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