Tuesday, January 05, 2010

From Acott to Zonana: more of what you're looking for

The first working day of the new year brought thirty new boxes of materials to our doorstep, courtesy of the hardworking staff of the OHSU President's office.

A first installment of what we expect to be a very large and significant transfer of records pertaining to presidential administrations back to the reign of Leonard Laster, M.D. (OHSU President 1978-87), the delivery included nine storage cartons full of the faculty files we've come to recognize--and love--from the News & Publications unit. Files from Acott to Zonana, with media clippings, news releases, CVs, internal memos, and other ephemera--along with the occasional photo.

These files will join their brethren in the Biographical Files, which you all have made our most heavily used resource--in fact, we can tell you which of the 71 boxes hold the files of the most sought-after names without looking at the inventory. The addition of these new materials (circa 25 linear feet) will force us to change our mental maps, but that's what this job is all about--learning new things every day.

Processing has started already, a) because they are likely to be heavily used and b) this is just the sort of fascinating yet tedious work that makes one's afternoon pass by like a dream. There's nothing like the lullaby of the staple remover and the whisper of the plastic clip slipping on paper, coupled with the intellectual stimulus of really good gossip to warm an archivist's heart...

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