Tuesday, December 01, 2009

After the fire

We've previously alluded to the Great Fire that destroyed the old University of Oregon Medical School building at 23rd and Lovejoy Streets downtown in 1919, just as the new Marquam Hill building was being readied for occupation and possessions were being moved from one location to the other.

We have an oral account of the fire from 1933 graduate Eugene Gettelman, MD, (interview available in the library), some written accounts of the damage (like the Oregonian bit in which we learn that students threw the hated, pink-striped lab coats into the fire when faculty weren't looking), and now we have visual evidence of the aftermath.

This image, labeled "After the Fire," is from the Richard B. Dillehunt Photograph Album, Accession No. 2004-001 (guide, inventory, and photo index online in PDF), which was pulled for a recent patron request. So far, it's the only extant photo we know of that shows the devastation. (click on the photo for a larger version)

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