Friday, November 13, 2009

It should be right here where I left it....

We often wonder, here in the archives, whatever happened to many of the records we know must have existed when the Willamette University Medical Department merged with the University of Oregon Medical School ("must have" because, without that faith in the genetic predisposition of humans to Make Records, we archivists would quickly lose heart). A small clue may be contained in this quick note from W.H. Byrd, M.D., of Willamette, to K.A.J. Mackenzie, M.D., of Oregon:

"At the close of the school year, we sent one of our members, with one or two of your men and all effects were turned over, properly packed and ready for shipment, but they were allowed to remain there all summer and even till late in the fall after school had opened in consequence of which, these articles were lost."

Byrd goes on to suggest that UOMD make a list of the valuable items which could be replaced. "Valuable" and "replaceable" being two adjectives rarely applied to paper records, one wonders whether that was that for some documents. Or maybe the diener's dog ate them.

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