Thursday, October 22, 2009


Another new donation to the collections features... material from the collections! I love the meta- nature of scholarship.

CALSTAR, the California Shock Trauma Air Rescue system, is celebrating its silver anniversary with the publication of a glossy history, CALSTAR: 25 years of life-saving flights. What does an air ambulance program in California have to do with OHSU, you ask? From chapter one, paragraph one, sentence one:
The story of CALSTAR, the premier air ambulance service in California, begins with the convergence of three mean--three determined men, who were responsible for turning a dream into reality: Dr. Donald Trunkey, Tom Drohan and Marvin Krasnansky.
The writers contacted us earlier this summer for an image of Dr. Trunkey, which we were more than happy to provide. It graces page two, prominently placed at the very beginning of the story. In return, CALSTAR graciously sent us a copy of the book for our Pacific Northwest Archives. Watch for it to return from cataloging, and learn more about Trunkey's contributions to CALSTAR's development. In the meantime, you can read a short history on the company web site.

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