Monday, October 05, 2009

It's October! And you know what that means

Or, you would if you had a photographic memory and have been reading this blog for over a year. Or, if you're an archivist by training, job description, or habit. In case you don't already know, it's Archives Month and, more specifically, Oregon Archives Month.

These are great days to be involved with archives, as the digital era and its discontents remind people of the transitory nature of the evidence of human culture. Whether you actively use archives in your work, visit exhibits based on archival collections, or just like going through the old photos and letters in your closet, you're supporting the work of archivists everywhere. Keep it, treasure it, take care of it, and when it comes time to hand it off to a repository that can preserve it long after you and your circle are gone, find an archivist to talk to. We've got you covered.

And, in addition to our excitement over the event itself, we're happy to note that the official poster includes an image from the collections here. You can see it over on the left-hand side, in the timeline at 1904. The glass lantern slide reproduced on the poster is from the People's Institute Image Collection, Accession 1999-010. Many more photos pertaining to the Institute and its sister organization the Portland Free Dispensary can be found in the OHSU Digital Resources Library. The one included here is of Portland's first park, established by the Institute in 1906.

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