Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Dental hygiene: a health profession for women"

Donation number two from yesterday afternoon is a small collection of ephemera related to the dental hygiene program at the University of Oregon Dental School, dating from the period 1965-1967. Emerita Barbara Marquam brought us these materials, which document a period in the history of one of the earliest dental hygiene programs in the Pacific Northwest (1949 was the inaugural year).

One of the items is a list of required textbooks for Fall term 1966-1967 (grand total: $41.95 for eight titles). Another is this brochure, which declares that dental hygiene is "a health profession for women." Of course, it's now widely accepted that dental hygiene is also a health profession for men, and that there are other health professions open to women. Alas, everyone has given up snappy headgear...

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