Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day Four: donationswave?

If three days of heat over 90 degrees makes an official heatwave (at least here in Portland, Oregon), does a streak of more than three consecutive days with material donations make a donations-wave? Material mania? Print pandemic?

Whatever we choose to call it, it is indeed true that today we took in a donation of classic medical texts from the library of Paul R. Vogt, M.D., University of Oregon Medical School Class of 1936. Included in the bundle were a first edition of Campbell's Operative orthopedics (1939) and Lewis' Diseases of the heart (c1933, 1934 printing).

It was a bit surprising to find that the library didn't already have a copy of Lewis' widely acclaimed book, intended as "the outline of my clinical teaching on diseases of the heart" (preface)--which in 1933 was extensive and internationally recognized. The likely scenario is that the library did have an original edition, perhaps even multiple copies thereof, which each wore out or walked out, leaving us with none. Which is why donations are such nice things.

We also received a few atlases of surgical orthopedics and other textbooks of orthopedic procedures in the donation. Contact us for a complete list.

(Shown here is an image of the "cardiac bedstead" designed by Lewis. One wonders whether the frame and the "wire mattress" which was placed across it ever unintentionally amplified electric cardiac stimulation...)

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