Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Almost as good as being there--without the need for scrubs

Another of the titles we're relocating from the less-than-ideal conditions of off-site storage to a more secure facility closer to you is Howard A. Kelly's Stereo-clinic series, of which OHSU has 21 sections. Published from 1908-1919 by the Southworth Company in Troy, NY (it really is lovely paper, although a bit too acidic from the preservation standpoint), each part aimed to illustrate common surgical techniques for the clinician who might not otherwise have the opportunity to see these operations in person. The sheets are held together with metal rings, which could be separated to allow single pages to be inserted into stereoscopes (such as the one shown here).

Kelly was a real advocate for proper medical illustration, using whatever techniques best suited the purpose at hand. He was also, of course, one of the first four at Johns Hopkins and one of the most popular and widely respected surgeons of his day. The originals of these stereographs--and more--are available in Kelly's papers, held at the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives at Johns Hopkins.

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