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Everything I need to know I learned playing Concentration

One of the medical students here at OHSU had occasion over the summer to view a large photo montage of the University of Oregon Medical School Class of 1913. That montage, belonging to the Rinehart family, has names supplied in gold calligraphy. Because the 1913 montage we have here in the Image Collection does not have any names associated with the individuals, the student agreed to send us digital pictures of the framed montage and a list of the written names. We then planned to add the names to our montage, and voila! knowledge would be advanced.

Really, we thought it would be that easy. I know, I know: things are rarely that easy in archives, but occasionally we need to be hit over the head.

Both class photos are made up of portraits of 55 individuals. I had the student's list of transcribed names on the Rinehart photo and a 1913 catalog with lists of faculty and graduates. Here's the list of transcribed names:

1 JCE King
2 HG Parker
3 DN Roberg
4 T Fessler
5 HE Laventure
6 JF Seigler
7 CS Wake (or Waite?)
8 JD McLaren
9 JOC Wiley
10 GM McKuskey
11 EF Tucker
12 GB Story
13 FA Kiehle
14 HM Makins
15 HE Rinehart
16 EJ Cabb
17 JF Bell
18 EA McKay
19 J Bilderback
20 AW Baird
21 R Walker
22 FG Nichols
23 HF Shannon
24 KAJ MacKenzie
25 HS MacKenzie
26 EA Noyes
27 G Ainsley
28 WE Smith
29 RA Fenton
30 JF Wilson
31 AL Thompson
32 RL Sharkey
33 DF Miller
34 RW Cahill
35 GS Hildebrandt?
36 GM King?
37 A Gilbert
38 AG Bettman
39 C Moore
40 JA Hughes
41 SE Josephi, Dean
42 WH Ciment ?
43 HF Thiel ?
44 AN Crandick
45 RC Yenney
46 OS Binswanger
47 OF Akin
48 FM Taylor
49 JF Newberger
50 AC VanClaive
51 GF Koehler
52 W House
53 OB Wight
54 KD Jones
55 C Brouse

After some research, I managed to make some corrections to come up with the following list:

1 JC Elliott King
2 Harvey G Parker
3 David N Roberg
5 Mary Leona Jacob Lavanture
6 J Fred Zeigler
7 CS Wake (or Waite?)— DOES NOT MATCH; we had a CE Wade at one time, but not 1913
8 John Dice McLaren
9 JOC Wiley--DOES NOT MATCH; James O.C. Wiley not listed in the catalog for 1913, but this may be him
10 Clarence J. McCusker
11 Ernest F Tucker
12 George B Story
13 Frederick A Kiehle
14 Harry M Makins
15 Harvey E Rinehart
16 Edmund J Labbe
17 James F Bell
18 Albert E MacKay
19 Joseph Bilderback
20 Alvin W Baird
21 Ralph Walker
22 Frederick G Nichols
23 Harry F Shannon
24 Kenneth AJ MacKenzie
25 Hugh S McKenzie
26 Edward A Noyes
27 George Ainslee
28 WE Smith
29 Ralph A Fenton
30 George F Wilson
31 Alfred WZ Thompson
32 Ralph L Sharkey
33 Dwight F Miller
34 Roscoe W Cahill
35 GS Hildebrandt?-- DOES NOT MATCH
37 J Allen Gilbert
38 Adalbert G Bettman
39 H Clayton Moore
40 John A Hughes
41 Simeon E Josephi, Dean
42 WH Ciment ?-- DOES NOT MATCH
43 Henry F Thiel
44 AN Creadick
45 Robert C Yenney
46 Otto S Binswanger
47 Otis F Akin
48 Frank M Taylor
49 Julius F Neuberger
50 Archie C Van Cleve
51 George F Koehler
52 William House
53 Otto B Wight
54 Hilton D Jonez
55 Cecil Brous

One 1913 graduate, Hubert F. Leonard, is not represented on this list at all. While it wasn't unusual for a graduate to miss out on his/her class photo, the Rinehart montage identifies one of the mortarboard-wearing individuals as "Ciment"--and we didn't locate this name in the alumni directories at all, let alone in 1913.

But still, a pretty good start on identifying these folks (at least, those other than Josephi and Mackenzie, who we can pick out with one eye closed). Up to the storage area to grab our montage and start adding names.

Our montage is very large, about 40" x 30" (too large to scan here in the HOM Room which is why you're not seeing it with this post), but in fairly good condition. Laying it down next to the digital photo of the Rinehart montage, it immediately became obvious that the montages are not the same. Although the individual portraits are the same, our photos are in a different order than the Rinehart photos. So, after much Concentration, we come up with this list for the copy in house:

1. Ralph Fenton
2. Harvey Parker
3. David Roberg
4. [Fessler?]
5. Mary L. Jacob Lavanture
6. Fred Ziegler
7. [Wiley?]
8. John D. MacLaren
9. [Wake/Waite]
10. Alvin Baird
11. Ernest Tucker
12. GB Story
13. FA Kiehle
14. Harry Makins
15. Harvey Rinehart
16. EJ Labbe
17. JF Bell
18. AE Mackay
19. JB Bilderback [so young!]
20. Clarence McCusker
21. Ralph Walker
22. Frederick Nichols
23. Ralph Sharkey
24. KAJ Mackenzie
25. Hugh McKenzie
26. Roscoe W. Cahill
27. George Ainslee
28. WE Smith
29. JCE King
30. J Allen Gilbert
31. H Clayton Moore
32. Harry Shannon
33. Dwight Miller
34. Henry Thiel
35. [Hildebrandt]
36. [King]
37. Otis Akin
38. AG Bettman
39. Alfred WZ Thompson
40. John A. Hughes
41. SE Josephi
42. [Ciment]
43. Edward Noyes
44. AN Creadick
45. William House
46. Otto Binswanger
47. Frank Taylor
48. George Wilson
49. Julius Neuberger
50. Archive Van Cleve
51. Otto Wight
52. George F. Koehler
53. Robert Yenney
54. Cecil Brous
55. Hilton Jonez

Do you have a copy of the 1913 UOMS Class photo laying around your house? Care to send us a snapshot? We're curious to see whether other variants exist. Alternatively, if you can help us positively ID any of these remaining no-names, we'd love to hear from you.

[Photo courtesy Richard Bruno. Thanks Richard!]

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