Thursday, September 24, 2009

Birth of the bitewing

We're preparing for an open house this Saturday to coincide with the OHSU School of Dentistry Alumni Association's annual Cantwell Memorial Back-to-School Lecture and Margaret M. Ryan Dental Hygiene Update (talk about a mouthful--but, this is dentistry). It's a great opportunity for us to showcase selected items from the History of Dentistry Collection, the Pacific Northwest Archives, the Historical Image Collection, and the manuscripts collection.

In addition to the oldest book in the HOD Collection (Fox's 1814 Natural history and diseases of the human teeth) and one with G.V. Black's presentation inscription to Frederick B. Noyes (Operative dentistry, bacteriology and pathology of dental caries, 1903), we're bringing out the first edition of Elementary and dental radiography by Howard Riley Raper. Published in 1913, this was the first American text on the use of x-rays in dentistry. Raper, who spent most of his career at Indiana University School of Dentistry, was also the first to introduce the bitewing technique.

We've pulled yearbooks, catalogs, and curriculum materials from the dental school and its predecessor institution, North Pacific College; materials from both the Henry Cline Fixott Dental Radiography Collection (2008-009) and the Robert E. Marsh Papers (2009-018); and a large pile of photographs of dental faculty and students. Maybe we'll finally be able to put some names to the faces in those "miscellaneous" pics!

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