Friday, July 10, 2009

Who are you people?

The end of the institutional fiscal year triggers the compilation of statistics and reports. As we have in years past (2008 , 2007), we again share our report of activities.

A note on the reference patron counts: if you asked us one question during the year, you're counted once. If you asked us 78 questions, you're counted once. You'll also notice that we started breaking down the patron counts into the very broad categories of OHSU faculty/staff, OHSU students, Other University, and Unaffiliated. This gives us a rough sense of who our communities are (and where we still need to reach out and show the value and utility of the collections).

You'll also notice, dear reader, that you who silently read and enjoy (or read and silently disagree) are not here tracked and counted, as per our original agreement.

Highlights from the past year in Historical Collections & Archives (July 2008-June 2009)
Despite the mid-year economic collapse, another fine outing:

Oral History Program
Five interviews conducted:
Charles Grossman, MD (Medicine)
R. Ellen Magenis, MD (Genetics)
Pamela Hellings, RN, PhD (Family Nursing)
Cecille O. Sunderland Beyl, MD (Pediatric Cardiology)
James Huntzicker, PhD (OGI, Healthcare Management)
(Down slightly from 6 interviews in 2008)

Accessioned 30 collections, and added approximately 100 linear feet of materials
(up from 15 collections in 2008)

Received 53 donations, including books, personal papers, photographs, museum pieces, and money
(up from 47 donations in 2008)

Answered questions from 162 unique patrons
(65 OHSU fac/staff; 5 OHSU students; 16 other university; 76 unaffiliated)
(up from 154 unique patrons in 2008)

Began taking materials from the History of Medicine Collection to the first-year HOM elective classes
Continued monthly column on the history of medicine in the MSMP newsletter, The Scribe
Continued blogging, and won an award for Best Institutional Blog from ArchivesNext
Added nine finding aids to the Northwest Digital Archives repository

Mounted four exhibits in the Main Library lobby and a blockbuster show on “Changing the Face of Medicine: Celebrating America’s Women Physicians” in the Collins Gallery of the Multnomah County Library

Increased footprint for collections, with relocation of PNW Archives Collection to the Old Library Stacks and shifting of additional materials to BICC storage areas
Identified and transferred over 150 rare and unique items from the circulating collections to HC&A
Increased staffing with the help of Jeff Colby, Circulation staff member, who is now working 12.5 hours per week in HC&A (up from 6 hours originally)

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