Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Southern surprise

We were happily surprised yesterday by the arrival of an anonymous donation from some generous soul at the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital: five notebooks, a pamphlet, and study cards belonging to George Horace Coshow, M.D. (1903-1989).

Coshow was a 1930 graduate of the University of Oregon Medical School, and these materials were all created or collected by Coshow during his school years. Three of the notebooks are entirely in manuscript, representing class notes from pathology, pharmacology, and (perhaps) physical examination courses. These Coshow signed with a bold hand, adding his address and affiliation with Alpha Kappa Kappa. Two other notebooks are typescript: "Notes on infant nutrition" from 1928, written by McKim Marriott and adapted by A.E. Gourdeau and L.H. Smith; and "Diseases of the cardio-vascular system, from the lectures of E.E. Osgood, 1928", with photographs (as shown here).

Also included is Coshow's heavily annotated copy of the "Form of Medical History and Physical Examination" in use at UOMS in 1928 and a set of flash cards created by Coshow as a study aid (also shown here).

After graduation, Coshow relocated to California and apparently spent the remainder of his career in Carpinteria. He practiced at the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital and was in part responsible for the establishment of its Reeves Library: we have a letter sent from Coshow to Bertha Hallam and Margaret Hughes in 1974 sharing his joy at the opening of the G. Horace Coshow, M.D., Room (see below). These materials were likely left in the hospital library at the time of Coshow's death in 1989. (As an interesting side note, the Carpinteria Valley Museum of History also has a room named after Coshow.)

The arrival of this collection comes close on the heels of our recent post on Coshow's deposit of a small amount of information on Horace Carpenter, M.D.; we're positively delighted that the archives now holds materials that shed light on Coshow himself.

And if you're out there, anonymous donor, and would be willing to make yourself known to us, we'd love to send you a formal acknowledgement. You can contact us via phone, email, or snail mail at the numbers listed here.

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Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing. It's very special to find out more and more about my own grandpa Coshow