Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Molar Derby!

Yesterday afternoon, we took possession of several boxes of materials from the office of School of Dentistry Dean (and OHSU alum) Jack Clinton, D.M.D.

Included in this donation are Dental School faculty by-laws and handbooks, directories, catalogs, accreditation reports, clinic manuals and practice plan information; dental instruments and instrument catalogs; 35mm slide presentations on dental practice; a handful of films, on both VHS and 16mm reels (including Demonstration on four-handed dentistry and infection control, by Clinton and Nora Toleser), and other items.

The most colorful and unexpected piece was a children's book titled The Molar Derby by Naomi Dillman Lunt (published by the author in 1982). This whimsical, illustrated history of dentistry is held by only two libraries in WorldCat (the American Dental Association library and Southern Utah University), but who wouldn't want a copy of, for example, this great rendering of Pierre Fauchard and his specimen collection cup, ready to gather the urine for the recommended mouth washing...

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