Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Modern history, or, The digital flood begins with a trickle

For the past few years, we've been bracing ourselves for the predicted influx of born-digital materials into the archives, and the trickle has started to grow.

First, it was the single item donations--for example, a DVD of the 2004 School of Dentistry catalog. Then, it became groups of digital items, like the collection containing a few items of paper ephemera and a disc of digital photographs from Transplantation Services. Now, it's 60-odd CDs worth of digital photos, videos, and music from the School of Dentistry Alumni Association!

Included in the SODAA haul are digital objects created between 2002 and 2009, including photographs from hooding [2009 shown below] and white coat ceremonies, dental and dental hygiene reunions, the annual Cantwell golf tourney, meetings, and special events such as Sealant Day and the Celebration of Smiles [students at the Celebration of Smiles in 2008 above]. Images of the dental school facilities, alumni board members, and faculty retirees are also there. A few videos made it into the mix, including ones of Ardon Overby, D.M.D., performing on stage. One audio CD contains a recording of Joe Consani, Sr., playing Christmas tunes on his violin.

One of the discs from 2007 already had several corrupted files on it. We cannot emphasize too strongly the need to REFRESH and MIGRATE your files frequently.

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