Thursday, July 30, 2009

Do you recognize these people?

Another day in this week of record-setting heat for Portland, and so to spare our own exhausted brains we will pick yours: do you know what group is depicted in the photograph included here? We don't. It has been filed in Portraits, Group: Unidentified.

Some clues that might help you out: There is a small handwritten label on the back of the photo, noting that it was a "Gift from Mrs Andrew C. Smith (thru Dr Jones) May 1943". The mount itself is also rather unusual: a crudely cut section of a large poster board advertising Depression-era scrip issued by the City of Portland and Multnomah County.

More clues: Andrew C. Smith, M.D. (1856-1943) was born in Richland County, WI, and moved to Portland in 1864. He received his M.D. from the Medical College of the Pacific (later Cooper, then Stanford) in 1882. He was the first president of the Oregon State Board of Health, first president of the Medical Arts Building Co. (1925-1928), a state senator (1901-03) and state representative (1916), and a professor of surgery at the University of Oregon Medical School. He was a member of the American Medical Association, the Oregon State Medical Society, Portland Academy of Medicine, Portland City and County Medical Society, and the North Pacific Surgical Association. In 1935, he was made an honorary member of the Pacific Coast Surgical Society (could this be that party?). He was also president of the Hibernia Bank of Portland.

As an aside, and probably not a clue to the group in the photo, A.C. Smith was best remembered for his development of the "necklace incision" for goiter surgery. Mrs. Smith was one Annie B. McDonald Smith, also of Portland.

Nice to see the casual old guys down front, sitting cross-legged on the floor. Given that touch, my first guess would be some Portland gathering--not quite Stanford style (Wisconsin, I'm not so familiar with...)

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