Monday, July 20, 2009

Bettman's store, and more

Still on the trail for information about Adalbert G. Bettman, MD, I had an excuse to bring down a few boxes from the collection of his papers (Accession 2001-013) here in the archives.

Tucked into a large scrapbook housed in Box 2 are four early photographs: two of young Adalbert, one of Adalbert with siblings Monte and Hugo (dressed as little Marine cadets!), and one of Adalbert's father's store in Eugene.

The journal Western States Jewish History published Robert Levinson's paraphrase of an oral history interview with A.G. Bettman in its October 1997 issue (30: 1); in it, we learn much about the lives of Goodman and Bertha Bettman during their time in Eugene (the family relocated to Portland in 1897), so it's neat to pair this image with that text.

On the back of the photograph, an adult Adalbert wrote: "Abe Goldsmith & Goodman Bettman in front of the latter's store Eugene, Ore, S.W. cor[ner] 8 & Willamette St. A.G.B." and a paper label affixed to the photo reads: "G. Bettman. I.X.L. Store." (Click on the image for a larger version)

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