Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Be still my heart!

Another week, another visit, another fantastic item brought in by Charles Grossman, M.D.! Last week, Dr. Grossman donated his own portable EKG machine, a unit he found somewhat inferior to the model he had used as a resident in New Haven. This week, he brought us an example of that very model, generously donated to the collections by his friend Jack McAnulty, M.D. over at Legacy.

Dr. McAnulty (who is a bit younger than Dr. Grossman, and so not an original owner of this item) received this machine from Aubrey M. Davis, M.D. (1905-1994), Portland cardiologist and University of Oregon Medical School alumnus (Class of 1929). You'll see in the photos that, like Dr. Grossman's EKG, this one too has a personalized nameplate. The craftsmanship and quality are really breathtaking. The canvas cover is in beautiful condition, and there are two rolls of developed graphs in the accessories pocket (which is hidden by the fold in the lid when the instrument is opened). I can see the exhibit already!

Simpli-Trol Portable Model / Cambridge Electrocardiograph / No. O-166993 / Made for Dr. Aubrey Davis / by the Cambridge Instrument Co. Inc. [ca. 1940s]

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