Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New donation: Macht Collection on Howard P. Lewis

Historical Collections & Archives was honored last week with the deposit of the Madison Macht Collection on Howard P. Lewis (Accession 2009-010), circa two linear feet of manuscript materials, interview notes, articles, photographs, correspondence and ephemera collected during Macht's research on Lewis. Regular readers and other devoted fans will remember that Dr. Macht presented a talk on Lewis as part of the OHSU History of Medicine Lecture Series in 2008; the streaming video of that presentation is currently available on the web site.

The collection includes both materials pertaining to Lewis's life and career--preserved by students, colleagues, and family members--and materials amassed by Macht in his research into the milieux inhabited by Lewis, from his boyhood in Coos Bay to his education and career at the University of Oregon Medical School to his service on the American Board of Internal Medicine and beyond.

A quick peek reveals some wonderful gems, including the photographs shown here: one of Lewis' particular method of jumping percussion (above), and one of Lewis receiving an honorary fellowship in the American Heart Association (along with other luminaries, such as Louis Katz, below).

A red bound volume of tribute letters, collected at the time of Lewis' retirement from the ABIM, reveals this missive from Franklin Hanger, MD, who hails Lewis for his contributions to medical excellence and calls him "a hard shelled old Tory!" (click for larger image):

Dr. Macht has succeeded in capturing a record of Lewis' life and career, a record which was on the verge of disappearing with the memories of the dear departed. We are truly grateful that he chose to deposit that record with us, for the benefit of all future researchers.

Oh, and keep an eye out for Macht's article on Lewis, forthcoming in the Summer issue of the Pharos.

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