Monday, April 06, 2009

Resources for National Public Health Week

It's that time of year again: magnolias blooming, grass growing, and folks whooping it up for the annual celebration known as National Public Health Week!

We have a wealth of resources here in Historical Collections & Archives that shed light on the history of public health in Oregon (so many, in fact, that a couple of researchers have been a bit put off by the number of things they were going to have to wade through--but only a couple!) We've talked about some of these before (such as here and here), but are making a more deliberate list in honor of this year's festivities:

Selected List of Public Health Resources in HC&A

Archival Collections:
1999-010 People's Institute Slides
2001-002 Portland Free Dispensary Board of Trustees Minutes
2001-004 Esther Pohl Lovejoy Collection
2001-010 Record of Deaths 1891-1901 [Portland, OR]
2001-011 Esther Pohl Lovejoy Collection
2004-004 Harold T. Osterud Papers [unprocessed]
2004-025 Public Health Survey Records
2005-010 Portland Free Dispensary Letters Collection
2005-012 City of Portland Public Health Survey
2008-010 People's Institute and Free Dispensary Records [unprocessed]
2008-018 Harry J. Sears Papers [unprocessed]
2008-026 Greg Howell Collection on Harry J. Sears [unprocessed]
2009-005 Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine Statistical Methods Seminar Papers [unprocessed]

Publications, Subjects:
Public Health -- Oregon
Public Health Administration -- Oregon
Public Health -- history -- Oregon
Public Health -- legislation & jurisprudence -- Oregon.
Public Health Nursing -- history -- Oregon
Public Health Nursing -- Oregon

Subject Files:
Brown, E.C.: Brown Trust Fund, Sex Education
Nursing: Public Health
Public Health
Public Health Administration

Other Resources:
Interview with Harold T. Osterud [sound recording] / Harold T. Osterud ; interview conducted April 26, 1999 by Linda Weimer.
Catalogs, University of Oregon Medical School and Oregon Health Sciences University [shows curriculum and organizational changes over time]
Biographical Files [Harold Osterud, Adolph Weinzirl, etc.]

Now, get out and celebrate by mowing that grass! Or, check out the national list of NPHW events. You can see a list of the talks planned at OHSU on the university calendar here. Of course, if you'd like to come spend some time with any of the materials listed above as a celebration, we'd be happy to party with you!

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