Thursday, April 30, 2009

J.H.H. 1903-1904: Rare Hopkinsana at OHSU

Reading through a bookseller's catalog recently (PDF, see item #57), I came across an item which was immediately familiar: a photograph album from Johns Hopkins Hospital, titled "J.H.H., 1903-1904." The bookseller indicates the item's rarity by noting their own experience with two such albums, their further knowledge of one "in private hands", and fourteen at the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives at Hopkins. I guess ours brings the total to 18!

I had alluded to this scrapbook briefly in an earlier post about school yearbooks; at that time, I contacted the Hopkins archives to find out a little more about the history of these albums. There are two versions of the 1903-1904 album, one with 61 photos and one with 71. Ours is the 61-image version (a few of which are included here), with possibly some variation on the photo order and captions, as noted below.

The original owner of our book is not currently known, but there were several Hopkins men in Portland in the early part of the 20th century who might have been responsible for bringing this item to town. As always, if you have more information--or would like more information--about this piece, just give a holler.

OHSU's copy of "J.H.H., 1903-1904"

Typed label, front free endpaper: Photograph album on Osler's rounds at John [sic] Hopkins University
1. Johns Hopkins [Johns Hopkins Hospital, exterior view. Administration building]
2. Administration Building [different view]
3. Henry M. Hurd
4. Library
5. Osler's Rounds
6. The Chief
7. Rounds
8. William Osler, Rufus I. Cole
9. Osler
10. Osler-a characteristic pose
11. T. McRae-W. Osler, C. Howard
12. Osler and student
13. William S. Thayer "Sadie"
14. Thomas B. Futcher
15. Thomas McCrae
16. Rufus Cole
17. Charles P. Emerson
18. Campbell Howard
19. Thomas Boggs
20. Brush [possibly the photographer of the album images]
21. Resident's Library
22. Ward
23. Dedication of Halstead [sic] Surgury [sic]
24. Dedication of Halstead [sic] Surgury [sic] [different view]
25. William Stewart Halstead [sic]
26. Wm. Halstead [sic] with an X-ray
27. Wm. Halstead [sic] at dedication
28. Wm. Halstead [sic] at dedication [different view]
29. J.M.T. Finney - Smith
30. Hugh H. Young
31. Harvey Cushing
32. Richard Follis
33. William M. Sowers
34. Stephen H. Watts
35. [no caption; Camillus Bush?]
36. William S. Baer
37. Robert Miller
38. Joseph C. Bloodgood
39. William [sic] Baetjer
40. Women's Ward "B"
41. Gynecological Operating Room
42. Howard Kelly
43. Russell
44. William [sic] S. Cullen
45. Sampson
46. C. Burnham
47. Guy Hunter
48. Hutchins
49. “The Bridge”
50. Administration [different view]
51. William Welch "Popsy"
52. William McCallum [sic]
53. Charles Bunting
54. Back of wards
55. The Lawn
56. Whitridge Williams
57. Black and white [infants in ward]
58. Morris Slemmons [sic]
59. Little
60. [no caption; Dr. Francis C. Goldsborough?]
61. Back of Administration Building
Album maker's label: Housh Album 534 black leaves The Housh Co., Makers, Boston


Timothy Wisniewski said...

Hello Sara,

Thanks for mentioning these great albums on your blog. Just thought I'd add that we have an exhibit on our website (put together by our accessioning archivist Marjorie Kehoe) that allows you to "flip through" some of the photos in the 1902-1903 album. You can check that out here:

The interesting thing about these albums is that they are all slightly different--as you mentioned, the ordering sometimes varies slightly and some even have additional photos added to the end of the album.

Another interesting note is that another album, very similar to this one, was produced the next year for 1903-1904, featuring some of the same photographs with newer ones, and then another album was made for 1906-1907. Copies of all three albums are held here at the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives.

Correspondence between Alan Chesney and Clinton Brush suggests that Dr. Brush was the photographer for at least some of the photographs in these albums.

Thanks again for mentioning these!

Tim Wisniewski
Visual Materials Archivist
Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives
Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Sara Piasecki said...

Thanks for pointing us to the flippable digital version, Tim--very cool!

Keith and Kristen said...
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Keith and Kristen said...

Hi, Sara.
I came across one of these in my Great-Aunt's belongings.

It is kinda beat up, what should I do ?

Maija said...

Hi there - Sara is no longer with the library, but I'm happy to help. Please feel free to email us at and let me know what kind of advice you're looking for on your book.