Thursday, April 23, 2009

History of clinical psychology at OHSU, 1958-2002

Today, we received from Drs. Arthur Wiens, Ph.D., and Ruth Matarazzo, Ph.D. (via the Office of the Provost), five binders of historical material on Internship and Residency Training in Clinical Psychology (1958-2002), a compendium of administrative information about the program in the OHSU Dept. of Medical Psychology (now Dept. of Behavioral Neuroscience) and biographical information about the trainees that came through the program during those 44 years.

From the "Introduction and Overview":
Volume I contains a listing of the Clinical Psychology Faculty within the Department who participated in the Internship and Residency Training programs. We have collected the most recent available curriculum vitae (CV) or professional resume of each faculty member...

Volume II [in two parts] presents an overview of the Interns in Medical Psychology, 1958-1985. A total of 105 interns were graduated from the program.

Volume III [in two parts] presents an overview of the Residents in Medical Psychology, 1958-2001. A total of 78 residents completed one or two years of Residency Training.

The two training programs were overseen by the Clinical Training Committee (CTC) of the Department. The first chair of the CTC was Dr. Ruth G. Matarazzo (1958-1964).... Dr. Arthur N. Wiens was chair of the CTC from 1964-2002...

The most recent CV's and professional resumes illustrate the contributions that the Clinical Faculty, Interns, and Residents in the Department of Medical Psychology have made to health and education in Oregon, the United States, and in some cases internationally.
Volume I also includes group portraits of the department members, from 1958 to 1967. Additional images can be found in the Historical Image Collection. More information about the history of the department is available in the PNW Archives Collection, and in oral history interviews with Drs. Ruth and Joseph Matarazzo.

These new binders are headed over to cataloging, and will be available shortly in the PNW Archives Collection.

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