Thursday, March 26, 2009

Unique from Utrecht

In the ongoing saga that is assessment of the early book collections in offsite storage, we've run across another little gem: a catalog from the library of the Tandheelkundig Instituut at the Rijksuniversiteit te Utrecht (now called Universiteit Utrecht).

The OHSU History of Dentistry Collection is the only library in the United States which currently holds the Catalogus van de Bibliotheek van het Tandheelkundig Instituut en van tandheelkundige boekwerken in de Universiteitsbibliotheek--and while we only have volume 1 of 2 (part two was published in 1943), it might be nice for researchers to know that they don't have to contact one of the three Dutch libraries holding the full set to get some sense of the dental institute's collection.

As far as I can tell (Dutch not being a language I'm strong in), the Tandheelkundig Instituut is no longer functioning. But I did find images of it in the online Utrecht Archives. One is included here, since I think it says we can use 72 dpi res images freely (you can check my work on the downloaden page).

It's reassuring to see that the titles we now consider American classics in dentistry were also considered worthy of purchase across the pond: the catalog lists such iconic authors as GV Black (in English, Dutch, and French), CN Johnson (English and Dutch), and George Evans (English and German), among many, many others.

For students of Dutch dentistry or those interested in the transference of scientific and clinical information from the US to the Netherlands, this is a pretty neat find.

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