Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sorting out the mess

About a year ago, we received a very chaotic collection of materials which we suspected would hold some real treasures. A cursory peak into boxes at the point of receipt led to the uncovering of a few gems, which we shared at that time.

Other priorities intervened in the following months (as they always do, don't they?), but processing began again in earnest last week. The first three boxes have been reduced to one box of historically significant materials and, as expected, also produced some surprises. Below are three of those: an image of the Portland Shriners Hospital in its former location at NE 82nd and Sandy (new to the collections here), and one of neurosurgeon Harvey Cushing, inscribed to donor John Francis Ortschild. Another photograph uncovered in the muddle was this one of a child's leg brace, probably taken for a publication on Doernbecher Memorial Hospital for Children.

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