Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NSI Library: The rest of the story

Just over a year ago, the library at the OHSU Neurological Sciences Institute closed and the Main Library (in the person of yours truly) was invited to come in and select some materials for the circulating collections. All of the volumes selected for retention have now been cataloged and processed, and the final tally is in: 267 monographic volumes added.

Many of these new-to-us titles are classics in neurology, including works by CU Ariens Kappers, Eugen Bleuler, W Russell Brain, JC Eccles, William Gowers, Albert Kuntz, S. Ramon y Cajal, Jules Tinel--and, of course, Ralph Steadman, among others.

A few local items were also uncovered, such as OHSU's 1993 Chemical hygiene plan and Dr. James Cereghino's thesis from Linfield College on cobalt cerebellar stimulation in epilepsy.

All titles are included in the OHSU Library catalog. A full list of NSI adds can be obtained by sending a request to homref[at]

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