Monday, March 09, 2009

Last is a first

Today, we wrap up this year's round of oral history interviews with a first: an interview with a long time faculty member from the former Oregon Graduate Institute (OGI). In 2001, OGI became OHSU's newest school; in 2008 it became the School of Medicine's newest department. A history that moves that quickly cries out to be captured, and Jim Huntzicker, PhD, is the man who'll start us out.

Huntzicker started at OGI in 1974, just over a decade after the school had been chartered as the Oregon Graduate Center for Study and Research. As professor in the Dept. of Environmental and Biomolecular Systems with an interest in air pollution research, Huntzicker quickly moved up the ranks of the administration. He was named Executive Director of the Center for Professional Development, Associate Dean for Industry Relations (2002), and chair of the Dept. of Management in Science & Technology (2004). He now heads the Division of Management within the Dept. of Science & Engineering in OHSU's School of Medicine.

We hope to hear from Jim on the history of OGI in the "pre-OHSU" era; how the merger with OHSU affected the school and its programs; how the move into the School of Medicine is proceeding; the growth of the Silicon Forest and the boom days of the 1990s; the rise of the medical-industrial complex; and how technology companies are (or should be) responding to the current economy. That's if we don't wear him out with questions about what it was like to be at Berkeley in the late 1960s!

As always, stay tuned for full details.

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