Friday, February 20, 2009

Women in dentistry

An interesting thread wound through some of the last materials to be processed from the School of Dentistry Alumni Association donation:

A class at the North Pacific College, circa 1907. If you look right past the scary center chair, you can see two women sitting together, smack in the middle of the theater. While they may have been instructed by the photographer to sit together thus, I prefer to think of them as a band of two ("doodle, something like a two-man gang") against the legions of male students.
By 1937, NPC was advertising itself as "A Coeducational Institution" (which caption you cannot read in the scan because the catalogs are bound so tightly together). OK, so they reused this same photo numerous times over the next several years, but it's the thought that counts.

And in 1990, School of Dentistry Honorary Alumna Geraldine Morrow wins election as the president of the American Dental Association--the first woman to hold the post.
Today, the School of Dentistry is committed to increasing and celebrating the diversity of its students, faculty and staff--as is OHSU as a whole. In fact, the Old Library building is positively aswarm today with participants in a multicultural "Health and Science Career Conference"--and while it's difficult to navigate the Great Hall with boxes for our fourth floor storage area when the place is packed with people, it's heartening to see the great turnout. Another wonderful program from OHSU's Center for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs! Perhaps we'll be featuring some of today's attendees in a post 50 years hence. (I surely hope I personally am not the one writing it, but you get the idea.)

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