Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Quadruple play, in six parts

Since the week began, we have been showered with no less than six separate donations, from three of the OHSU schools and a private practitioner. This doesn't happen often, so we're taking a minute to bask in the glow before diving back into initial processing (so we can get some of these boxes off the floor!).

On Monday, we did indeed tour the Meyer Lab, and we carried back a (heavy) box of books, lab manuals, reprints, and a few photos (teaser: tune in on Feb. 13 for a Valentine's special featuring one of those photos).

Yesterday, we found a packet of biographical information on past School of Medicine deans in our mailbox; those materials have already made their way into the Biographical Files. (One down!) We were also visited by Jill Smith from the SOM Alumni Association, who brought us two photos and a fantastic DVD containing interviews with alum Dr. E.B. Bossatti and his wife Edith.

Dr. Charles Grossman also stopped by yesterday morning, bringing with him 21 of his research notebooks, representing his lab investigations from 1957 through the 1970s. Those notebooks will join the rest of the material that Dr. Grossman has been bringing in over the past several months.

In the afternoon of that same day, I took the winding tunnel path down to the School of Dentistry, where seven boxes of materials were waiting. A truly miscellaneous assortment of things, miscellaneously packed (and that's being generous), the haul includes hundreds of photographic prints and negatives, school publications, realia (like plaques and paperweights), videos (promotional, news, and events-related) and some documents--including the SOD Alumni Association's original corporation book from 1966 (shown here). This represents our first significant donation from SOD, and we're glad to get them on board!

Finally, today, we received a box of publications from the School of Nursing, along with what I can only describe as a spiral bound picture book, the pages of which are printed on photo paper but show primarily textual information. Very 1960s!

While we're probably most excited about the dental donation (class pictures! prominent Portland dentists! an ashtray!), we are thrilled with such abundance. If you're looking for us between now and, say, March, check under the pile by the table....

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