Monday, February 02, 2009

More Searsiana

On Friday, we were visited by Ernest Alan Meyer, ScD, and his wife Barbara, who are finally retiring from OHSU after 50 years in the microbiology department here. They brought us a handful of items, including a 1970s-era programmable calculator, a few miscellaneous university publications, and more materials created or collected by Harry J. Sears, Ph.D. (including the grade book and term schedule below). We've now received Sears materials from at least four different sources, including three relatives (Meyer is Sears' nephew).

And there may be more on the way: the Meyers have invited me to come over to their lab later today, to see what they have in the way of curricular materials, books, and equipment--including, apparently, Wilbert Todd's centrifuge. Stay tuned!

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