Thursday, January 29, 2009

North Pacific Pediatric Society Records received

Oliver N. Massengale, M.D., delivered to us today nine storage cartons of records of the North Pacific Pediatric Society, which (as I mentioned in an earlier post) began in 1919 as one of the earliest pediatric societies in America, and one of the first international medical societies in North America.

The collection contains planning information, programs and minutes from all the semi-annual meetings, 1919 to the present; directories of members and completed membership forms; and constitution and by-law information. One box, labeled "Potential Meeting Sites", has flyers, brochures, and event hosting information for places around the Pacific Northwest (like the Calgary guide shown here).

This collection provides an outstanding record of pediatrics research and practice, and compliments our other records of organized medicine in Oregon. Our great thanks to Dr. Massengale for shepherding this material into HC&A.

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