Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy (belated) Christmas to us: new donations

Since the quiet and snowy Christmas holiday, we have received a small outpouring of new materials for the collections.

Last week, a fine collection of Samuel Gross books was donated by Richard Mullins, MD. Today, we were showered with not one but two microscopes and a box of papers, reprints, correspondence, and other materials pertaining to the faculty of the Dept. of Anatomy here at OHSU.

One of the microscopes was brought in by Charles Grossman, MD, part of an ongoing donation of materials documenting his long career in Portland medicine. The instrument was given to Dr. Grossman by his cousin in the 1930s. It's a Spencer, serial no. 231574, which means it was manufactured shortly before Grossman received it. This is the first Spencer scope to be donated to the Medical Museum Collection here.

The second instrument, made by Leitz, was brought in by Reid "Sam" Connell, MD, longtime professor of anatomy here at OHSU. He dated it to "the mesozoic era, when I first came here"; the serial number of 514103 indicates that it's a 1950s model.

(By the way, a huge shoutout to the great fan sites for Spencer, Leitz, and other instrument makers that have established themselves across the web. Kudos to those hearty souls who compiled the serial number dating charts: you've saved curators like us untold hours of research!)

Dr. Connell also brought along a miscellaneous assortment of materials pertaining to faculty members (primarily anatomy faculty) from engraved copperplates used in Olof Larsell's publications, to signed photos of Roy Swank, to reprints by and correspondence with William Krippaehne, W.F. Allen, Archie Tunturi, W.A. Stotler, and Anthony Pearson. He departed hinting that there's more where this all came from, so stay tuned for future announcements about exciting new acquisitions!

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