Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The correspondence from the Portland Academy of Medicine Records (Accession 2004-019) has been such much fun to read that we'll go with one more blog post based on it (I promise, something new and different tomorrow).

A letter from Dr. M.M. Woodwroth in Albany, Oregon, to Warren C. Hunter, then secretary of the Academy, dated October 10, 1941, reads:
Dear Warren,
Thank you for your letter relative to the Academy of Medicine which reached me thisafternoon. I recall now that you had asked me [a]bout membership in the Academy during the State Meeting but had given it no further concideration.
To be brief, Warren, if you think that you draw enough water with the membership there to slip me by the board of trustees, go ahead and shoot. I really would be most happy to belong as a member by remote control if it is agreeable. Let me know if, as and when any dues are payable in case I'm elected to membership.
If you are still as efficient a typist as you were in school you will notice many errors in this typeing; the chief trouble lies in the fact that in one hour from now we leave for a ten days deer hunt in central Oregon and I havnt a darn thing packed, so as I gaze at the keys before I peck them, I'm thinking of sleeping bags, shells, tents and a million other things that I have to assemble before starting.
Thanks again for remembering me in this matter Warren and I'll see you later.
Very truly yours, Marshall
Checking our Biographical Files for any additional information on Marshall Woodworth, I found his obituary, which seems doubly tragic in light of the earlier letter:
[Oregonian, Feb. 22, 1957]
Medic Slain by Shotgun: Mishap Takes Dr. Woodworth
Albany (AP) -- A shotgun blast today ended the life of Dr. Marshall M. Woodworth, 62, who had been practicing medicine in Albany longer than any other physician. It was an accidental shot that killed him, reported Walter Kropp, coroner's deputy. Kropp said investigation showed Woodworth was cleaning his guns at the time. ...

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