Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"You do right"

The oral history interview with Dr. R. Ellen Magenis yesterday lived up to expectations, as Dr. Magenis regaled us with the story of her early experience in the Gary steel mills, talked about her lifelong love of scientific inquiry, and shared anecdotes about the patients she encountered in her medical genetics clinics--especially Jessie, one of the first diagnosed with what would later be called Smith-Magenis Syndrome.

We learned that Kinsey's lectures were about more than sex (although students were compelled to participate in the sex surveys), and that James Watson was easy to pick out of a crowd of graduate students, even back then.

Magenis also spoke at some length about the influence of her parents on her career path: her father, the frustrated scientist, who pushed his daughter to go into medicine rather than zoology; and her mother, who taught her children to "do right" above all.

The video and transcript of the interview will be available in the OHSU Library after processing, so check back for complete details.

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