Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Taking Healthy Living Seriously

Another recent transferee from the circulating collections to special collections is Children of the Covered Wagon: report of the Commonwealth Fund Child Health Demonstration in Marion County, Oregon, 1925-1929, which has earned a spot in the Pacific Northwest Archives Collection here. Written by early female UOMS graduate Estella Ford Warner, MD, and Geddes Smith, the report outlines the huge success of preventive health measures among the children of Marion County in an effort to illustrate that "good public health work pays and ... is worth paying for." In turn, it is illustrated with some lovely photos and absolutely delightful line drawings, two of which you see here.

So, on this eve of the new year, we here at Historical Collections & Archives wish our readers a happy and healthy year ahead--for you and your cow...

Note: HC&A will be closed January 1-4 for the holiday. See you next year!

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