Monday, December 29, 2008

Gross donation

A stunning new donation of works by and about Samuel D. Gross, MD, was received into Historical Collections & Archives this morning. Delivered by longtime faculty member and bibliophile Richard Mullins, MD, the collection is comprised of nine works (listed below), all new to the History of Medicine Collection here at OHSU. Once processed, these works will be available to researchers throughout the Portland community and beyond. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Mullins for choosing to deposit this significant group of titles here in HC&A.

Item Number 1
Title on cover: Complimentary Dinner to Professor S. D. Gross. April, 1879
Title Page Dates and Edition: Complimentary dinner give to Professor S. D. Gross by the medical friends in commemoration of his fifty-first year in the profession. April 10, 1879
Publisher: Lindsay & Blakiston Philadelphia: 1879

Item Number 2
Title on cover: Memorial Oration in Honor of Ephraim McDowell
Title Page Dates and Edition: Memorial Oration in honor of Ephraim McDowell “The father of ovariotomy”. Samuel D. Gross, M.D., LL.D., D.C. L., Oxon.
Delivered at Danville, Ky at the dedication of the monument erected to the memory of Dr Ephraim McDowell by the Kentucky State Medical Society, May 14, 1879.
Publisher: “Published by the Society”, Louisville, Ky. Printed by John P. Morton and company, 1879
Ex libris Robert J. Moes.
Owner's name “L Connor MD” on spine

Item Number 3
Title on cover: John Hunter and his Pupils / Prof Gross
Title Page Dates and Edition: John Hunter and his pupils. By S.D. Gross, M.D., LL.D., D.C.L., Oxon., LL.D. Cantab. Professor of Surgery in the Jefferson Medical College: President of the Philadelphia Academy of Surgery, Etc.
Publisher: Presley Blakiston, 1012 Walnut Street Philadelphia, 1881
On the second page is the signature “DL Smith, MD, May 1881”
On the title page under John Hunter is written in pen “was 5 feet 2 inches high”.
Several notes from apparently Dr DL Smith in the text.

Item Number 4
Title on cover: Memoir of Dr Mott
Title Page Dates and Edition: Memoir of Valentine Mott, M.D., LL.D., Professor of Surgery in the University of the City of New Your, Member of the Institute of France
By S.D. Gross, M.D., LL.D. First Edition
Publisher: New York: D. Appleton and Co., Philadephia: Lindasy and Blakiston. 1868
Bookplate of Alferd C. Wood, M.D., Philadephia Penna.
Inscribed note on the second page “With the authors kind regards”

Item Number 5
Title on cover: History of American Medical Literature
Title Page Dates and Edition: History of American Medical Literature. From 1776 to the present time. By S. D. Gross, M.D., LL.D. D.C L. Oxon. Professor of surgery in the Jefferson Medical College “The chief glory of every people arises from its authors.” Dr. Johnson. First Edition
Publisher: Philadelphis: Collins, Printer, 705 Jayne Street 1876

Item Number 6
Title on spine: Wounds of the Intestines
Title Page Dates and Edition: An Experimental and critical inquiry into the nature and treatment of Wounds of the intestines: Illustrated by engravings. By Samuel D. Gross, M.D. Professor of Surgery in the Louisville Medical Institute: Surgeon to the Louisville Marine Hospital: Member of the Pathological Society of Philadelphia: &c, &c.
“The honor of our art, and the moral character of its professors suffer, whenever we pay so blind a deference to any one as prevent us using our own judgments, and from declaring feely the results of our inquires or experiments.” Post. First Edition
Publisher: Louisville: Prentice and Weissinger. 1843.
Book plate from Victor Robinson Froben. Signe by O H Allis; June 68- No 225 So 9th Phila
Inscribed: “For Dr Jones. With the best regards of the authors. Louisville, June 1845.”

Item Number 7
Title on spine: A Manual of General Anatomy.
Title Page Dates and Edition: A Manual of General Anatomy, containing a concise description of the elementary tissues of the human body. From the French of A. L. J. Bayle and H. Hollard. By S. D. Gross, M.D. First Edition
Publisher: Philadelphia: John Grigg, No 9, North Fourth Street. 1828.
Stamped name Matt O Smith

Item Number 8
Title on spine: Elements of Pathological Anatomy
Title Page Dates and Edition: Elements of pathological Anatomy, Illustrated by Numerous engravings. “In morbis, sive acutis, sive chronicis, viget occultum, per humans speculations fere incomprehensibile.” Baglivi By Samuel D. Gross, M.D. Late Professor of General Anatomy, physiology, and pathological anatomy, in the medical department of the Cincinnati college. In two volumes, Vol 1 and Vol 2. First edition
Publisher: Boston, Marsh, Capan, Lyon, & Webb, and James B. Dow. 1839.
Signature and stamped name inside cover both volumes. L. P Williams, Harrodburg, Ky, 1878.

Item Number 9
Title on spine: Gross on the Urinary Organs
Title Page Dates and Edition: A practical treatise of the Diseases and Injuries of the Urinary Bladder, the Prostrate Gland, and the Urethra. By S.D. Gross, M.D. Professor of Surgery in the University of Louisville: Member of the American Medical Association; Author of “Elements of Paathological Anatomy,” etc. etc. With one hundred and six illustrations. First Edition
Publisher: Philadelphia: Blanchard and Lea. 1851
Stamped with A. H. Barkley M.D. Lexington Kentucky.
Signiture of Curran L. Smith

(to see the Gross already held by OHSU, check the online catalog)

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