Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A trio of links for Election Day

Between moving books and dodging raindrops, it's nice to sit down for a bit and surf the web. Here is a trio of links that might be of interest to readers (promise: not a one has to do with McCain or Obama):

Music and the Brain at the Library of Congress
LC (as we librarians call it) is embarking on a year-long series of lectures and concerts on the theme of "Music and the Brain." Happily for us West Coasters, the events will be webcast from the library's site two weeks later. Portland's own Institute for Science, Engineering and Public Policy is focusing on music and the brain in this year's Linus Pauling Memorial Lectures; information on tickets and speakers is available at the ISEPP web site. (And a side note, because I have to plug the print: the newly accessioned Arnold L. Towe Collection includes reprints pertaining to bird song and song processing in the somatosensory system; Towe was ahead of the curve in studying music and the brain.)

History of the American College of Surgeons
The ACS has just launched a new website on its history, complete with digitized photos and documents. From the announcement: "The American College of Surgeons is launching Digital Collections on the ACS website: Just type in "History" in the google search box and it will link you to our newly designed History and Archives page with a link to the Digital Collections." (Or, click the link above, which takes you right to the archives page.) There are some great images available in the Board of Regents collection--check it out!

Dissertations in the history of the health sciences
Jonathon Erlen has compiled the latest list of dissertations on the history of medicine and the allied sciences, medical humanities, biomedical ethics and more at his University of Pittsburgh site. Something for every interest!

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