Monday, November 24, 2008

The eponymous Emma Jones

A question last week about the woman after whom OHSU's Emma Jones Hall is named revealed a surprising lack of documentation about the early superintendent of nursing at Multnomah County Hospital.

We did uncover one photograph of Mrs. Jones, in a group portrait of the hospital's nursing staff taken in 1917. She is shown wearing the distinctive cap of the nursing school at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, whence she graduated following the death of her husband. In 1917, Jones came to Portland and took a position at the county hospital, becoming superintendent in 1919 at the departure of the nurses unit of the 46th Base Hospital, headed by then superintendent Grace Phelps. Jones remained on staff at MCH until 1944, when she retired and moved back to Chicago.

According to the School of Nursing Class of 1943, the building now known as Emma Jones Hall was so named "In consideration of Mrs. Jones’ long service here and her innumerable contributions in instigating, planning, and attaining, a home for nurses..."

If any community members have additional information about Emma Jones or her work here in Portland, we'd love to hear from you.

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