Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A month made for ... us!

October is upon us, which means it will begin to rain in earnest in Oregon. What do we have to look forward to? The people who designate "national month-ofs" have taken notice and made October not only Archives Month but also Medical Librarians Month. Thanks, powers that be!

Working in a medical archives has its ups (how many times now have I told the triumphant tale of our acquisition of the Balopticon glass lantern slide projector?) and its downs (having a volunteer smash a bunch of pathology slides will give anyone the willies for weeks), but it is, ultimately, very rewarding. For a profession that moves as fast as medicine usually does, libraries and archives provide a critical touchstone and a necessary repository for the memories of not only past generations, but the current one as well.

Whether they know it or not.

Or, as one might say on first viewing Oregon's 2008 Archives Month poster: No matter how big the bucks, we'll continue to ride!

(Fabulous photo by peasap)

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