Friday, September 05, 2008

In memoriam: Robert J. Meechan, MD, 1926-2008

We were saddened to learn this morning of the death of a longtime member of the OHSU community, Dr. Bob Meechan, emeritus professor of pediatrics. An obituary appeared in this morning's Oregonian.

A more personal note about Dr. Meechan can be found in his Biographical File here in the archives. Typed on 3x5 cards, the text is of a short introduction of Meechan delivered on the occasion of his 25th year of service at OHSU:
Dr. Bob Meechan, professor of pediatrics and assistant dean for admissions, knows every student who has ever worked in the pediatric clinic. He keeps up on their activities and lends support to them even after their rotation is over. As a member of the admissions committee, his concern for students begins early in their academic careers. The admiration between Dr. Meechan and his students is mutual as is evident by the fact that he has received the Senior Class Teaching Award many times over. His sense of humor reflects practical day-to-day appreciation of the humor in everyday life.

A graduate of our medical school, Dr. Meechan also did his internship and residency at University Hospital. Dr. Meechan is probably the only person in the world with a baby food collection. No matter that it collects dust and takes up an entire shelf in the office; all 10 or 15 years worth is ready and waiting for the next nutrition lecture.

An avid bird hunter, Dr. Meechan can be found on occasional weekends every fall chasing chuckers up and down the hills in Eastern Oregon. The only male member of his wife's bridge group, Dr. Meechan is a superb cook.

For all of this, and for his warm and generous nature, he will be greatly missed.

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