Thursday, September 25, 2008

AAHN: Celebrating 25 years of nursing history scholarship

The 25th annual conference of the American Association for the History of Nursing kicks off today in Philadelphia with programs and events that celebrate a quarter century of scholarship in nursing history.

For those who cannot attend the conference in person, the AAHN web site contains a wealth of information about nursing through the ages, including photographs of objects, lists of recent publications, links to other nursing history sites--even photos of the Gravesites of Prominent Nurses!

The Association has been a strong advocate for the inclusion of history in the nursing curriculum; its position paper is available on the web site for anyone wanting to make a case to university administrators. While the OHSU School of Nursing does not offer any formal courses in the history of nursing at present, the complete history of the school itself is available online for those who are interested in local developments in nursing education and practice.

And, of course, we have materials here in Historical Collections & Archives that support the study and teaching of nursing history, including this list posted in July. Shown here in this post is an undated photograph of the capping ceremony at the University of Oregon Medical School Department of Nursing Education.

A side note: Appropriately enough, my title was officially changed yesterday from History of Medicine Librarian to Head, Historical Collections & Archives. The new position title more accurately describes the broad scope of our work beyond just history of medicine to the history nursing, dentistry, and the allied health sciences, as well as the institutional history of OHSU, and medicine and society in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Still no parking space, though!

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