Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Teeth on file

A collection received in August of 2007 has now been processed, arranged, and described--thanks to the efforts of our student worker, Ian Terrell, who cut his teeth on this finding aid.

The Henry Cline Fixott Dental Radiography Collection (Accession 2008-009) contains copper plate etchings of radiographic images, radiographic negatives, glass lantern slides, human teeth, and other items. The images aren't all dental radiographs: three of the glass lantern slides show the bones of a fish; proper tooth brushing habits; and, a boy having his teeth examined by a dentist.

(The 99 human teeth, from positions U28, L33, and R42, are the first body parts to come into the collections since the skull called "George" was donated by the granddaughter of a dental alumnus in spring of 2005. I'm glad we haven't taken in many urology collections lately...)

From Ian's biography of H.C. Fixott, D.D.S.:

Henry Cline Fixott was born on January 21, 1879, in Arachat, Nova Scotia. He graduated from the North Pacific College of Oregon (now OHSU Dental School). Fixott served on the Portland City Council for a time. After eleven years in general practice, Fixott became influenced by Edmund Kell and decided to specialize in radiodontia becoming a pioneer in the field. He became a teacher at the North Pacific College and taught radiodontia, as well as ethics, jurisprudence, economics, and history.

Fixott was one of the founders of the American Academy of Oral Roentgenology, becoming its first president in 1950. Later he was made a Fellow of the Academy. He was a delegate to the American Dental Association and one of its council members. He was a member of the National Dental Honor Society, OKU (Omicron Kappa Upsilon), and a member of the Portland Academy of Dentistry. In 1948, he became head of the American College of Dentists.

Aside from health organizations, Fixott was a member of The Portland Rotary Club (serving as President ), the Al-Kadar Shrine, and the Aero Club, and was a trustee and treasurer of Good Samaritan Hospital.

Fixott died on February 25, 1959.

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