Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Summer cleaning: our windfall

As departments continue to spend quiet summer hours cleaning out old files, we continue to receive materials. Today, a cheerful Delivery Services employee dropped off eight more boxes of records from OHSU Community Relations. Looking quickly through, I found binders full of Campusgram issues and a handful of other university publications, plus documentation of the activities of the Marquam Hill Steering Committee (art exhibits and other community events) and OHSU Public Relations (ad campaigns and donor information). There is also an entire box plus of records from the OHSU Research Convocations.

But the coolest thing I've seen so far--and this will tell you how much information professionals appreciate the quiet amateurs in their midst--is a binder containing a typescript Index to the Board minutes, covering the years ca. 1929-1958, with sections for everything from policies and budget authorizations to sabbaticals and travel requests, gifts to military affairs, commencement to curriculum. For each item, there is a date and page number. All I can say is, THANK YOU MARY ANN LOCKWOOD!

The complete index table of contents, for OHSU history junkies, is shown below:

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