Friday, August 29, 2008

Reconnected! And, a new exhibit

Our computer is back! Sort of. We don't actually have a new computer back, but we do now have access to the data that was on the two external drives connected to the old Macintosh, thanks to the diligent work of the OHSU Library computer support staff, who were able to reformat the drives for use on my PC. And so I can share with you all more lovely images from the Historical Collections & Archives, including this one from our latest exhibit, showcasing The George Weirs King Scrapbook:

This poor soul is suffering from osteonecrosis of the skull, although it doesn't really look like the condition was slowing him down much.

Also, a note that about seventy more images have been loaded into the Historical Collections & Archives section of the OHSU Digital Resources Library, including images from the King exhibit, photographs of Robert S. Dow, MD, PhD, and shots of the exterior of the recently shuttered OHSU Neurological Sciences Institute. Stay tuned for more images to be added soon--now that we have the data back!

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Isaac Holeman said...

This picture is so interesting!