Monday, August 11, 2008

More gems from Friday's donation

Along with Lavinia Dock's textbook on Materia Medica for Nurses, we received on Friday five boxes of records from the School of Nursing and one and a half boxes of personal papers from Barbara Gaines, RN, EdD, professor of nursing and author of the only available history of the school.

With half-staff this week (our archivist is taking a well-earned week off), there won't be much processing of this material for a while, but I couldn't resist opening some folders. We have received a run of the Faculty News Bulletin, a monthly mimeographed newsletter from the then-named Dept. of Nursing Education within the University of Oregon Medical School. Among the bulletins were a few true memos, sent out by Dean Jean Boyle to the school's faculty and staff. The memo below caught my eye and tickled my fancy: it's a wonderful example of how much simpler campus life--and library collection management--were fifty years ago.

Plus, since I myself am headed down again this warm and humid afternoon on our continuing quest to assess all the volumes in off-site storage, I was interested to see that the faculty used to be as engaged in the process as the librarians were. If only I could get some of the nursing faculty to don grubbies and head down there with us today....!

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