Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bits and bobs, or Bits and Richards

In the quest to get down to counter-top level again beneath the pile of miscellany from the crevices of the archives (I feel like the frog, halfway to the wall, halfway again, halfway again), I tackled two small bits of printed matter yesterday.

One was easy enough: a copy of The Family Physician and the Farmer's Companion, printed by M. Baldwin for the blind man--undated, but fairly complete and easily recognizable.

The second was going to present more of a challenge, since it was the unsigned Preface only from some unknown piece. Luckily, the author was republishing a title "upwards of one hundred and thirty years" old, called Whole Duty of Man. This being a health sciences special collection, my literary and religious colleagues will need to excuse my ignorance of this work; the briefest of investigations uncovered the source as Richard Allestree, a rather prolific writer of religious tracts.

Of course, now that I know that, I know it hasn't accidentally been separated from one of our holdings, and can safely be recycled! So long, Richard....

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