Monday, July 28, 2008

Reporting the highlights

Another donation of material last Thursday brought our monthly total to a round dozen. In that batch, we received three boxes of publications, photos, and ephemera from the superseded Office of Community Relations (cousin of such former and current offices as Media Relations, Public Affairs, University Relations, et alii).

Among the wondrous and important materials were many issues of the University of Oregon Medical School's Report to the Alumni (1950-1974), which will bring our run almost to completion. One of the issues not previously included in our holdings here in HC&A was the November 1959 report, which opens with the blockbuster story of the Stubblefield twins:

In the same one-week period here at the medical school, the twins were separated, a kidney transplant was performed on 12-year-old twins, there was an experimental surgery to correct a transposition of the great vessels in a two-year-old patient, and a fifteen-year old gunshot victim was treated with renal dialysis using an artificial kidney. Years later, the director of Public Relations, J.J. Adams, was still talking about that historic week (see his 1998 oral history interview).

Also in that November issue, we see a photograph of Dean David Baird and alumna Estella Ford Warner, M.D., who had just been named a Centennial Lecturer for the Oregon state birthday celebration:

This coincidence gives me just the opening I need to remind readers that the women in medicine exhibit, Changing the Face of Medicine: Celebrating America's Women Physicians will come down on Friday of this week. You have a few more days to head down to the Collins Gallery at the Multnomah County Library to see it--don't delay!

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