Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gettin' it out there

Having taken to heart the injunction at some of the sessions at the recent RBMS Preconference to "just do it!" (apologies to Nike, but I am in Nike Town, so maybe it's ok)--I have reapplied myself to the task of loading some of our digitized materials into the OHSU Digital Resources Library.

And, in the spirit of just-in-time rather than just-in-case, I'm starting with items that pertain to women in medicine, the hottest topic in town at present. You can keep track of my progress by checking in periodically and doing an "exact phrase" search on "physicians, women" or--since it's all crawled by bots, you can do an advanced Google search with "physicians, women" as the exact phrase and perform the search within the site

Shown here is Lucy I. Davis Phillips, longtime Registrar at the University of Oregon Medical School, who not only mentored the women students she admitted but compiled a very detailed survey of female graduates (and she had the foresight to do it back in the 1930s).

A reminder that if you want to grab images out of the OHSU DRL for reuse, you need to be using IE rather than Mozilla Firefox. I know it's a pain, but there it is. Otherwise, enjoy!

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