Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Annual report of activities

This being July and the start of a new fiscal year here at OHSU, it's time to look back at the past twelve months to see what we've accomplished. Below are a few statistics which help document our growth since July 2007:

Oral History Program
Six interviews conducted: Mary McFarland (SON), Frances Storrs (Dermatology), Tyra Hutchens (Nuclear Medicine/Clin Path), Rodney Beals (Orthopedics), William Toffler (Family Medicine), Peter Goodwin (Family Medicine)
(Up from two interviews in 2007)

Accessioned 15 collections, adding 110 linear feet of materials
(up from 29.5 l.ft. in 2007)

Received 47 donations, including books, personal papers, photographs, museum pieces, and money—plus teeth, a DVD of the Employee Recognition video presentation, and enough ophthalmological equipment to open a museum
(up from 30 donations in 2007)

Answered questions from 154 unique patrons:
74 OHSU faculty, 5 OHSU students, 17 other university, 58 unaffiliated
(up from 119 unique patrons in 2007)

Began a monthly column on the history of medicine in the MSMP newsletter, The Scribe
Affiliated with the TFME Collegium for the Study of the Spirit of Medicine and the TFME Alexandria Associates
With Medical Photography, produced a second series of historic postcards
Provided tours to groups from Chinese librarians to the Friends of Lone Fir to the Northwest Independent Scholars Association
Participated in the annual luncheon for the Sam Jackson Guild estate donors
Continued blogging, with 1,000-1,500 visits to the site monthly

Mounted four exhibits, including:
Anatomy at the Bleeding Edge (Body Worlds tie-in)
Melvin P. Judkins (coronary arteriography)
Japanese medical equipment from WWII
Changing the Face of Medicine (in collaboration with Multnomah County Library, on display downtown through August 1)

In June 2008, added more staffing with the introduction of Jeff Colby, Circulation staff member, who is now working 6 hours per week in HC&A. Welcome Jeff!
Received additional storage space and relocated the Medical Museum Collection, freeing up room for archival accessions

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